Automobilista 2 June 2023 Development Update Pt1

Le Mans is Coming for Automobilista 2!

After months of speculation and a few forum whistling emojis, we are delighted to finally confirm that Le Mans is coming for AMS2 later this year!

It has been a long time coming, but earlier this year we finally concluded a negotiation that started way back in 2020 to bring the Mecca of Endurance racing to AMS2. And we intend to do the sacred venue justice: the modern track is being modelled with laser scan data, and we also plan to offer a couple of historical versions from the 70s and 90s.

Endurance racing is the next frontier we are looking to explore with AMS2, as along with the track and some dedicated endurance features users may expect a very exciting list of new cars to come to the sim, including some 2023 LMDh Hypecars & LMPs along with a fresh batch of 2023 GT3 anticipation for next year´s event.

On the historical front, plans are just as much if not more exciting - AMS2 already features several Group C cars from the late eighties and GT1s from the late 90s, and we plan to complement AMS2´s Endurance timeline with several prototypes and GT cars ranging from the early 70s to the mid-00s.

Although the track is already in development it will not be ready until much later this year (with historical versions and associated cars most likely going further than that), so don´t be mistaken by the announcement with the V1.5 previews above - this is just to celebrate the good timing of this year´s milestone race from last weekend marking 100 years of the event to share the good news, and also to demonstrate that the future for AMS2 is looking bright well beyond V1.5.