rFactor 2:Feature | The New StockCar 2018x Update

Following up from all the excitement around the big 2023 Q1 update and content release, one of the major changes to our existing content that might have been slightly overlooked is the new StockCar 2018x upgrade, moving these cars to build version 1.19 and bringing them in line with the recent StockCar 2018 changes we introduced late last year.

So, what exactly changed with this new build I hear you ask? Well, let’s take a closer look…

2023 Q1アップデートで見落とされているっぽいStockCar2018xのアップデートについての記事。たしかに見落としてるよ。rFactor2のStockCarはいい出来なので乗ったほうがいいぞ(俺もな)。ちなみに開発元のStudio 397がWorkshopで提供している無料コンテンツです。