Automobilista 2 V1.3.0.0 RELEASED!

Automobilista 2 V1.3.0.0 is now live! The first of several updates on this dev cycle is heavily focused on physics and FFB - extensive revisions to driveline and tires of all cars and addition of a new FFB profile as elaborated in our November Development Update Pt2 makes this our biggest physics overhaul yet.

IMPORTANT: You must delete your Automobilista 2\savegame\[User Profile Number]\automobilista 2\tuningsetups to reset your car setups to their original settings - failure to do so may result in a broken driving experience (it is not necessary to delete your other game settings).

IMPORTANT: The extent of the physics changes means that a reset of Time Trial leaderboards will finally taking place in the coming days, so don´t bother much with previous lap times & setups.

Added Volkswagen Polo & Virtus to TSI Cup class
Added updated Azure 2021 (replacing old Azure)

修正分は上のリンクを参照。コンテンツはTSI Cup classにVW PoloとVirtusを追加。Azure street circuitが2021年版に置き換えられました。

2021/11/29 追記


(1)VW Polo

(2)VW Virtus


(3)Azure street circuit(2021年版)