Automobilista 2:CART Skins F-USA Gen2 11-Skins + Custom Driver AI

Team Skins: Newman-Haas, Team Kool Green, Player's Forsythe, Penske, Target Chip Ganassi, Patrick Racing (Adrian Fernandes) Scott Pruett`s Skin is WIP
Custom AI for all CART Cars (F-USA gen2) and Penske NewMan Haas and Team Kool Green and Player's Forsythe-Skins .
The driver performance still needs to be worked on, if someone wants to do this they are welcome to do so. The revised AI will come later when the skins are ready.
The preview images are placeholders and are still being revised.
Works without my skins!!!
Unfortunately, there are no Penske so the two yellow LOLA are the Penske team. You can see on the pictures how I have divided it. We don't get all car skins from 1998 but at least the most important ones.

Installation simply move the two folders (UserData and Vehicles) into your AMS2 folder! Example: Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista 2
overwrites my old files !!