Automobilista 2 | The Ultimate Formula 1 Season Guide (Updated)

When it comes to retro content in sim racing, it is hard to ignore Automobilista 2 – the selection is overwhelming, especially for Formula 1 fans. The sim currently offers no less than 15 Formula 1 seasons, spanning six decades – but which exact years are represented is only undoubtedly made clear in very few cases. To give you a better overview of the historic F1 content, we have assembled a guide to the different classes for you and also refreshed things to reflect the state as of early November 2023.

F-Classic Gen 3を使ったF1 1990シーズンModがリリースされたので、Automobilista 2のF1シーズンガイドが更新された。


インストールはいつも通り、AMS2 CMを使うので簡単にできます。詳細は以下のリンクを参照。