Mazda's definition of driving joy is coming to Raceroom

Every generation has its aspirational car. An icon that seems to represent the zeitgeist of the time. Think Golf GTI and AE86 at one end, or Lamborghini Countach (for people of a certain age) and Bugatti Veyron at the other . But Mazda’s MX-5 has somehow pulled the trick of being the car for every generation, reinventing itself in subtle ways to remain one of the world’s go-to starting points for genuine driving joy and tuning possibilities.

Get ready for the Raceroom Drivers Pack, due to be released on December 14th.

RaceRoom Racing ExperienceにMX-5が来るとのこと。Raceroom Drivers Packは12/14発売とのことなので、楽しみにしておこう。