Solar Club Letter #5 - The Driving Experience


Finally, to end this Solar Club Newsletter, we're pleased to announce that we are setting up Playtest #2 starting on October 27. The purpose of the new playtest is to test the game servers, especially for simultaneous connection peaks. Just like with Playtest #1, the playtest will be on PC only and governed by rules of strict confidentiality: sharing and streaming are not allowed and you must sign an NDA to gain access. Members who took part in Playtest #1 can participate in this test as well. If you already registered for Playtest #1, you don't need to re-register; you will automatically be considered a candidate for Playtest #2. New registrations will be accepted from today via the Newsletter registration page on For those who are new to the Newsletter, a Playtest registration form will be shared in the coming days before the NDA is sent out to those participants who meet the Playtest access conditions.