Automobilista 2 V1.4.6.0 Available as a Release Candidate

A new release candidate build of Automobilista 2 is now available as a Steam beta branch for those interested in testing the new update before its official release in the coming days.

AMS2 users can now select the latest release candidate, currently V1.4.6.0 build 2264 - to access this build, right-click Automobilista 2 on your Steam Library, go into Properties -> Beta tab, and select the “ReleaseCandidate” branch for the dropdown menu.

Added Bathurst 1983 to Historic Track Pack Pt1 DLC
Added F-Inter series


追記 走ってみた。F-Interって乗ったことなかったのでこれでBathurst 1983。F-Interって新しい車なのか(ハンドルのディスプレイとか新しそうじゃん)?その割にはH-Shifterなんだな。疲れるからやめれ。