Automobilista 2 June 2022 Development Update

Greetings everyone!

It is quite late in the month already for a Dev Update, but I know many of you have been anxious for some fresh news - we do have a new V1.3.8 Release Candidate build just deployed, and as you´ll hopefully be able to tell from recent changelogs, we´ve been pushing hard to improve the sim in some key areas before moving on to some exciting new content over the second half of 2022 - starting already next month with the release of the new milestone v1.4

Let´s get on it then and go over some of the things we have been and will be working on for the upcoming updates!


V1.3.8 will be officially released towards the end of this week - we hope you enjoy it, and look forward to catching up with you again sometime next month!


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