RaceRoom has been updated


Free Camera - More realistic zoom curve with a slower zoom in and a faster zoom out
Free Camera - Reduced mouse movement sensitivity when zooming in
Controllers - Added default profile for the Fanatec CSL DD
Controllers - Improved support for Simagic
Adjusted base BOP for Silhouette cars
Adjusted front and rear track widths for the Ford Mustang GT3, Nissan GT R GT3, Alpina B6 GT3
Added spark emitters for Touring Classics
Added spark emitters for Porsche GT3 Cup Sprint & Enduro
Added spark emitters for IMSA GTO
Added spark emitters for DTM 2013-2014-2015-2016
Added spark emitters for VW Scirocco
Added spark emitters for Tatuus F4
Added spark emitters for Aquila CR 1
Added spark emitters for Audi TT cup
Added spark emitters for Audi TT RS VLN
Rolled back on cut detection changes on Bilster Berg that had been made stricter
Adjusted orientation of the first 15 grid positions on Daytona for cases where user really wants a standing start there
Macau - Updated with many art fixes. The construction site at the Solitude Esses is finally completed.
Removed a cut track detection that would not always be handed when going too wide before the last turn of Autodrom Most
Fixed Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo's excessive spark emissions
Fixed an audio glitch when on throttle with the Tatuus F4
Fixed an issue where loading a replay could sometimes result in a weird TV camera
Fixed virtual mirror being enabled when loading a replay right after a race
Fixed an occasional crash upon loading replay files
Fixed incorrect rake on the Volvo S60 TC1
Fixed incorrect rake on the Audi TT RS VLN

CutTrack検出処理が大不評で戻したってことかな。あとはCSL DDのプロファイル追加とかですかね。