SUPER GT file 2021 Special Edition 一冊丸ごとつちやエンジニアリング大特集 これは面白そうな本。4/9発売だそうです。

RaceRoom Racing Experience | New Update Released Sector3 Studios have deployed a new build release of RaceRoom Racing Experience today, adding plenty of nice changes to the awesome simulation.・New build update out now.・Various car specific tweaks.・Dedicated serv…

Assetto Corsa Competizione | Hotfix Update V1.7.6 Released v1.7.6 changelog PHYSICS:Shared memory: added currentTyreSet and strategyTyreSet.Capped tick frequency of automatic setup system to avoid unwanted oscillation at very high tick rates.Corrected occasional inconsistent…

《S耐TV》 2021年3月21日(日) スーパー耐久シリーズ2021 Powered by Hankook 第1戦 もてぎスーパー耐久 5Hours Race 決勝 やっときたぜ!でも予選は配信なしかぁ。予選+決勝見ると週末終了するのでしゃ~ないか。